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Interview with Moises Sala

From 23rd to the 28th October 2016, in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, will be held the first international festival of creativity organized by the leading European organizer for non-profit art groups. At the competition Fiestalonia Georgia comes an impressive panel of judges and experts from Europe. We present you an interview with one of them to get acquainted:

Moisès SalaMOISÈS SALA – pianist, musician and creator of one of the best choirs in Spain – ‘The Gospel Viu Choir’. He teaches a class of musical creativity at the Department of the University of Barcelona and Girona. The workshops and trainings of Moisès Sala in the field of choral singing and conducting are among the most popular in the world. Participating in the joint singing under the guidance of this conductor, you will definitely feel the energy of an unforgettable and invaluable experience.


What are the secrets, techniques and advice you share with the international festival of choirs participants Fiestalonia Georgia?

They can discover the power in the union of voices, the power in the collective work, when every single voice making power and a special passion in choral singing. I talk about the method of transmitting feelings through the voice.

What is your professional opinion about the polyphony?

Polyphony is much greater than the mass singing of this individual as a singer in the choir. Each has its own unique vocal abilities, in this case, each artist can act both as a soloist and in choirs. Polyphony did not simply fold to vote, but also adds endless shades and gives a special touch.

You are the creator of one of the most famous choirs in Spain and in Europe, some concerts and where you spent the last time and how many people visited the concerts?

In May, we held a series of concerts. The first took place in the Palace of Catalan Music which reached 1,800 spectators. The second concert in the ducal theater of Barcelona, with 3,800 spectators. In October, we have scheduled a concert in the Liceu de Barcelona for the public with 2,300 people expected.

It is no secret that in addition to good voices and repertoire, the work of conductor and producer is also important. What can you recommend including as a successful producer of his colleagues?

You need an excellent plan for the implementation of choral projects. Looking for beautiful voices and magnificent professionals with excellent communication and the outstanding marketing team. But the main condition for success is a blind faith in his own team, belief in every single person on your team to his capabilities and the best quality.

Some people do not form a team until they are united by a common idea and a passion for its implementation. For producing choirs you need the following formula: Talent, multiplied by the opportunities and tremendous efforts.

Gospel is gaining popularity worldwide. What is gospel in two sentences?

Gospel is a special expression of life, joy, nostalgia, love, hope, friendship. All of this together: LIFE.

Your first visit to Georgia. For the first time a choirmaster of such magnitude will visit Georgia with the European festival committee, Fiestalonia Milenio, who is organizing an international festival-competition in Georgia the first time. What do you expect from the competition Fiestalonia Georgia, which will be held in October in the Georgian capital Tbilisi?

I hope to get acquainted with the splendor of Georgian polyphony. I hope that the international festival of Fiestalonia Georgia gains popularity and attracts the most interesting choirs from different countries. This competition is a powerful vision of the future.

You have enough time to collaborate with Fiestalonia Milenio, what ideas you want to implement in Georgia?

My dream is to conduct during a joint singing of choirs at the festival. Show people that the gospel is not just a religious singing, gospel music is the ratio of individual and the collective, is a manifestation of respect for all others, it is a look into the future, it’s outstretched hand to new generations that should live better than we do, and to be more successful than we are.

We are looking forward to your upcoming visit to Georgia and we have full confidence that it is only the beginning of our friendship and successful cooperation.

I have no doubt about it. I will be happy to visit your beautiful and hospitable country.

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